Promposal will take viewers on the creative, romantic and outlandish journey of asking someone to prom. With promposals ranging from a Zombie themed invitation to a choreographed flash mob, the 30 minute series will highlight teens pulling out all the stops to land their dream date. Kind of like these Laguna Beach moments (oh, memories).Stay with MTV News as we approach the premieres of My Super Sweet 16 and Promposal and tune in on Sunday, May 14 at 7/6c to witness these unforgettable rites of passage!.

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The only way we will EVER have a chance of success again is if Snyder sells.If you love this team, the only thing you can really hope for now is for Snyder to sell. The two broken legs? Sure. But every single year our O line gets decimated. Preferred stock dividends are distributed at the discretion of the company directors like common stock dividends, not as a debt obligation like bonds. A dividend could be skipped if the company suddenly found itself strapped for cash, but it might not be lost; this would depend upon the stock being cumulative or noncumulative. The timing and the amount of these distributions are determined solely at the discretion of the company directors.

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