I really pride myself on being clean but recently some of my gear was getting a little funky. Went to roll with another purple and in 20 seconds of rolling he looks at me and goes, dude your gi smells like piss. I was like oh shit it worse than I thought.

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Please bear in mind that some of these side effects are also consistent with the side effects of radiation treatment in those with cancer.It is also possible that this medication may have the ability to mask potential gastrointestinal problems. If you experience any or all of these side effects, contact your doctor immediately. If you feel that you are having side effects that are not listed here, you should also contact your doctor about those so that you and your doctor may explore the possible cause of these symptoms.Drug Interactions and WarningsAs always, if you are taking any type of medication, you should inform your doctor of this before taking any new medications.

The Commission has also adopted the first deliverables of the plan, for example the EU Guidelines on the prudent use of antimicrobials in human health (all languages available). The guidelines aim to reduce inappropriate use and promote prudent use of antimicrobials in people. They target all actors who are responsible for or play a role in antimicrobial use..

If you a registered Democrat you get the Democrat ballot, if your Republican you get a Republican ballot, blah blah blah Libertarian, blah blah blah Green, etc. When it is time to count the ballots they count the total ballots for each party and total up the votes each candidate got. If there are 10 House seats available and the ballot totals areBut it will never happen that way because no state will want to surrender seats to the “other side.” Because of gerrymandering that place is probably 9R, 1D, 0L, 0G.